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A New Beginning I : Handbook for Joyous Survival


  • "The thoughts that you think, regarding those things that you want, set into motion the creation, and eventual fulfillment, of that which you want. And likewise, the thoughts that you think, regarding those things that you do not want, set into motion the creation, and eventual fulfillment, of that which you do NOT want."

  • "The thoughts that you set forth in combination with great emotion are the most powerful of your thoughts."

  • "Understand that all thoughts create -- and the more emotion that is present at the time that a thought is set in motion, the faster the creation will be received -- and as frequent thought is given in any direction, without the hindrance of negative thought, there is certain creation, eventually."

  • "Your emotions are not from your physical world. They come forth from the inner world and are directly communicated to you from your Inner Being."

  • "As you are feeling positive emotion - such as love, peace, happiness, joy, excitement, exhilaration ... it is your Inner Being communicating to you in that moment that you are feeling the emotion - that your thoughts are in harmony with that which you are wanting, As you are experiencing negative emotion - such as fear or doubt, anger, hatred, jealousy, stress, guilt, anxiety .. it is a communication from your Inner Being telling you that in that moment - that which you are focused upon is not in harmony with what you are wanting."

  • "a belief is nothing more than a thought that you have thought before, that you continue to think."

  • "Your thoughts are powerful creators, and your words are even more powerful than your thoughts, but your actions are more powerful than your words or your thoughts."

A New Beginning II : A Personal Handbook to Enhance Your Life...


  • "Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand."

  • "Do not worry. Your experience, your hard work, your growth, is not being wasted, for your Inner Beings accumulates every particle of every experience that you have ever lived, or that you are now living."

  • "The process of Deliberate Creation is twofold: It involves the thought that you project, and the corresponding feeling that comes forth. You offer the thought from your conscious, physical perspective -- and your Inner Being offers you a corresponding feeling. Therefore, you are literally co-creating: You, the physical you, and you, the inner, Non-physical you."

  • "To stand in your now, looking forward with deliberate intent and anticipation of what is to come, is infinitely more satisfying than to stand in your now, looking back, retracing your steps as to how you got where you are."

  • "You can move much more swiftly and effectively toward the joyous success you seek in life by giving your attention and emphasis to the way you want to feel, or to your state of being, rather than to the action."

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