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CwG Weekly Bulletin #100: Walking a Spiritual Path

Hello, my dear friends...

For many years now I have sought to walk a spiritual path. It has not been easy. What should have been easy what, by all rights, ought to have been easy (shouldn't getting to God be the easiest thing of all?) turned out to be very difficult. Until recently.

I see now that this was because, for most of those years, I was not clear on where my spiritual path was. Still, I knew I wanted to be on some kind of path, so I walked a path laid out for me by others. Only recently have I decided to follow the path of my heart. Only recently have I come to understand that it is okay to do so.

That was a great revelation. It was life-changing. God wasn't going to get mad at me if I made a mistake, got it wrong, went astray, missed the boat. I wasn't going to burn in the everlasting fires of hell if I failed to discover and adopt the one true religion, worshipped improperly, or didn't worship at all.

So what is it like to walk the spiritual path? Look to your own life to find the answer. You've been walking the spiritual path since you were born. Since before you were born. There is no way not to be walking the spiritual path, because there is no other path to walk. All of life is spiritual, and every step you take is a step on the spiritual path. You are a spiritual being, and everything that you think, say, and do is a spiritual event.

Where will your path take you today? Wherever that is, I am sure it will be a great adventure. Life is a lot of things, but it's rarely boring.

Many blessings,


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- How does God explain the abuse of animals?

- Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"Can I create something that goes against mass consciousness?"

How does God explain the abuse of animals?

I am often asked how God explains things that are just "wrong" such as the abuse of animals?

Nothing is right or wrong in the Universe. A thing is simply what it is. The labels right and wrong are labels which we place on things in order to define Who We Are. This is what we are doing every time we call a thing by any name at all.

Problems develop, however, if, when a great many members of a particular society call a particular thing "wrong", that society comes to think of that thing as wrong intrinsically. The society forgets that it decided that. In other words, it made it up. Out of thin air.

You see, most people cannot stand that level of responsibility, so they pretend that someone else made it up. Usually God. God decided. God said so. Now they are no longer responsible. They are just following God's orders. Yet God did not order any of the things that humans have chosen to require of themselves. That is a myth.

I begin this discussion with this small lesson, lest we get into judgment about this business of what is done with, and to, animals.

There is no place for judgment in the mind of a master. There is only observation. The master observes, but never judges. The master simply watches. First he watches the action, then he watches the result. The master is content to let the student experience the results of his own actions, rather than correcting the student. If the student experiences negative results long enough, he will come to the master and say, "Master, I keep hurting myself doing this. How can I stop hurting myself in this way?"

The master will rarely respond with an answer, but almost always simply repeat the question. "That is a good question," the master will say. "How can you stop hurting yourself this way?" The student will then discover the answer on his own, calling it forth from within, thereby coming to wisdom. Had the master given an answer, the student would have come to knowledge. Yet it was the master's intent that the student should come to wisdom. The two are not the same.

If I were a master, I would answer you now with your own question. "That is a good question," I would say. "How can you help stop the abuse of animals?" You would then come to your own answer; the answer that is suited to you, that is true for you. You will come to this if you ask yourself the question often enough; if you dwell in the question, and if you live whatever answers come to you. Soon-sooner or later-you will come to the answer that is true for you. This is the only answer which matters. In truth, it is the only answer there is.

This is how it is, not only with regard to questions and concerns regarding animal abuse, but with regard to every question ever asked by anyone. Unfortunately, we have become very impatient to know the answers to all the mysteries of life. We don't want to wait. We don't want to have to figure them out for ourselves. And we certainly don't want to have to stand responsible for the result.

So we have taken to looking to Others for the answer. I've capitalized "others" there because we think of these "others" as The Ones with The Answer-and so their name deserves capitalization, no?

Nowhere in life do we do this more consistently, and more rapidly, than on the subject of religion, and in the quest for the highest truth. Unwilling to seek out and find our own highest truth, using the tools of our experience, we allow others to tell us what the truth is. We not only allow them to, we demand that they do. We drape them in robes and burn incense and speak to them in hushed tones, and then we beg of them to tell us what is so.

Then we do a most extraordinary thing: if we agree with what the robed ones have had to say, we make them saints, and follow their teachings to the letter (whether they work for us or not). If we disagree with their teachings, we call them blasphemers, and we bitterly denounce them. (We may even try to kill them.) Thus we do what we want to do anyway, simply avoiding the step of holding ourselves responsible.

Yes, people do some terrible things to animals. (They also do some terrible things to humans, but that is another matter.) Asking God to explain why is like asking God to explain the origin and construction of the Universe. Both questions are equally complex. Besides, as God would be the first to point out, the explanation is irrelevant. The only relevant discussion is, what can you do to help? My answer is: do what you want to do.

There are countless options here; dozens of ways to make one's self heard, impact the situation, cause or seek to cause certain behaviors of others to change or be discontinued. But remember this. Your success or failure in this endeavor should not and must not ever be measured in terms of how much of the behavior you cause to stop.

You may, in fact, when all is said and done, have stopped none of it. Stopping the behavior cannot be the point. Making a clear statement of Who You Are must be. That is where the satisfaction is. That is where the victory lies. That is the whole reason for living; for being what you are being; for doing what you are doing for having what you are having. That is the only reason for doing anything at all. Remember that.

Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"Can I create something that goes against mass consciousness?"

Dear Neale: I am very happy to have been turned on to, and by, your fine CwG books. I have been consciously searching for the past five years. I have been at many turning points since then, at times not even knowing what I believed or what my truth is, but I am now creating the real me and I believe God, and yourself, have cleared up a lot of questions and confusions I have had. I do have some questions for you!

(1) I am a cigarette smoker. My belief system is that it does me good by grounding me, allowing me to think there is no harm to me. I have never bought into the way society thinks. I'm actually very healthy. Is this one of the ways I've shown myself that I am able to create what I want by going against mass consciousness? Please expand on this. (2) My second question surrounds anger. I would be very pleased to have God speak directly to and about anger with our life partners. How can the cycle be stopped? How can we change the pattern? (3) I would like God's perspective on soul mates. (4) Are we able to pull the energy into this lifetime from a past life where we actually had a specific skill or ability? (5) I have a starchild, an 11 month old son. I am wondering if God could speak about the children that are coming through, their purpose and mission. Thank you for all your answers. God bless, love and light, Sandi, OR.

Dear Sandi, whew! When you ask questions, you ask questions! I'm not really sure that I can give you the in-depth answers to all of your questions here, as really they would fill an entire book. But let me give you the short version on some of these and then refer you to some additional reading.

First of all, about cigarette smoking. I am asked this question often. Look, let me give you the most direct answer that I know how to give.

If you believe that your level of consciousness has been developed to such a degree that you can overcome the mass consciousness created by millions and millions of people, that is, if you believe that you are literally a walking master, then I think that you can safely proceed with any behavior whatsoever, including jumping off buildings to demonstrate that you can fly, standing in front of locomotives to demonstrate that you are impervious to harm, or any other demonstration that it would please you to make.

However, Sandi, if you are able to do these things, you will have been the first person I have met in a very long time demonstrating such abilities.

So I think that the answer to your question lies within you. Only you can assess where you are on the scale of evolution, and only you can decide for yourself what is true for you. The advice given in CwG is good advice in that it simply suggests that the human organism was not constructed ideally for the intake of alcohol or the inhalation of cigarette smoke. That is to say, the basic design of the instrument is violated by such treatment. Is it possible by the sheer strength of our consciousness to overcome this basic design mechanism and fly in the face of all evidences that are presented to us? One presumes that it is. Is it wise to attempt such a demonstration? That is a question only you can answer.

Concerning your questions on anger, Sandi, I have not enough room here, as I said, to reply in depth, but let me say this. People are generally angry about only two things. Either there is something they want that they do not have, or there is something they have which they do not want. Their fear is that they will not get what they want or they will not be able to let go of, or get away from, what they have. Anger is fear announced.

When we step away from expectations with regard to these matters, and when we reduce our choices to simple preferences rather than addictions (things we must have), then we take a giant step away from anger and toward mastery. The cycle and the pattern of anger are ended when we see the perfection in every moment and reduce our expectations to zero.

In regard to soul mates, I have to tell you that this subject is far too large to even attempt to answer here. But the question of soul mates is addressed in wonderful detail in CwG Book 3.

For now, don't worry so much about the issue of soul mates, but rather pay attention to who you are in relationship to every other person, place or thing in your life. Remember always that you are in the process of creating and recreating who you are and who you intend to be. That is your job, whether you are doing it in the presence of a soul mate or in the presence of anyone else. Stay close to this purpose. Stay connected with this function. Stay clear about your intention, and the matter of the intensity of soul mate connections will be less of a challenge or problem for you.

Now you are asking me if you are able to take energy from your previous lifetimes and bring it into this lifetime, and I gather that what you mean is that if we were a piano player or an artist or a great leader in a previous lifetime, are we able to bring some of those energies into our present experience? The answer, again in short, is that often our present lifetime will show us how we have been in a previous experience.

Children who suddenly demonstrate an ability to play the piano at age 3, or demonstrate aspects of higher reasoning at age 5, and people who suddenly discover a so-called "latent" talent or ability are, in fact, tapping into a previous soul experience. Can we do this intentionally? I tell you that it is said in Conversations with God that you can create yourself in any way that you wish, either pulling from past experiences, or creating out of thin air.

Concerning what God has in mind with regard to children and their purposes and missions, I must disabuse you of the notion that there is any purpose or mission whatsoever. Your question implies that God has something in mind when these children are created, and then they have to live up to that. Reread Conversations with God again and you will see that there is no such mission established by God. If God were to establish a special mission for a child, why would God then keep it a secret from that child?

The purpose of life is for us to decide what our mission is and who we are in relationship to that, not to discover what mission God gave us when we were born. Life is not a process of discovery; it is a process of creation. Thanks for your letter, Sandi, and I wish I could respond in greater depth, but space here does not permit.

Blessings, Neale
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