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CwG Weekly Bulletin #103: One Continuousness…

My Dear Friends,

I’ve spent the last few days in Washington D.C. having had an opportunity to speak and meet some wonderful folks there.

It seems that everywhere I travel, people ask me what to do about their own conversation with God. Is it real? Should they be writing it down? What should they make of it?

We have put together a gathering for people with these questions and experiences next month in Portland, OR and if this topic interests you, I hope we will see you there. We’ve included the details of this event below.

Many blessings,


Are you also having Conversations with God?

Right from the outset, with the publication of the very first Conversations with God book over 10 years ago, people have been writing saying:

“Yes! I have had the same experience!”

Many of those letter writers have added: “…but I have not known what to do about it, how to deal with it, how to share what has come to me and through me, or what, if anything, is expected of me now.”

If you are one of the many people who experience that you are also having Conversations with God, or who have experienced other metaphysical or paranormal phenomena, and have been longing for a “safe space” in which tell others about your experience, you will be very happy to know that such a space has now been created.

The Conversations with God Foundation is pleased to invite you to
A Meeting of Messengers,
an extraordinary two-day gathering, August 14-15, 2004
in Portland, Oregon.

For more information and to register for this retreat visit

Now let's see what else is in this week's bulletin!

This Week’s Bulletin Topics:

- Angels and Guides

- Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
“I can’t seem to stop grieving…”

- The Product of the Week: a special selection from our CwG Store
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- One Continuousness…

- Educational Opportunities

“I have sent you nothing but angels.”

- Friendship with God, page 111

Angels and Guides

Angels are real. They are wonderful beings of love who minister to us every moment of our time in this Reality. They become very attached to us, and in this sense are our guardians. They hover over us and do exert some control over physical life and the dangers around us.

Examples? The driver careening toward us who swerves at the last minute. The manhole around the corner that we just miraculously avoided. The paint bucket falling from the window ledge above us as we walk by the office building, missing us by inches. Even emotional collisions--that “bite your tongue” feeling which comes over you at just the last moment, saving you from blurting something which would surely have led to an enormous emotional “accident.”

Those feelings, those maneuverings of physical form, are the manifestations of angels, who walk a delicate line, seeking to protect us from the hurts of life without interfering in any tangible way (which they may not do) in our own free choices and creations, or the path we are walking.

Are Angels “angelic creatures” who have never been human, or are they the spirit forms of beings who have once lived upon the Earth? That’s a very good question. Some would say they are both.

In fact, I understand us to have two kinds of “helpers.” There are what I call our “guides” — these are spirit forms of beings once incarnated— and there are “angels” — spirit forms which have never incarnated; “Fingers of God,” if you please, tapping us on the shoulder to make us aware of danger, holding us in their embrace to comfort us through our tears, dancing with joy in their hearts when we celebrate our own wonder and our softest moments of love… which is God truly expressed.

The previously incarnated souls who choose to act as our Guides do so out of love for us. They may be beings who have been close to us in this very life (although this is not very often so), or beings who have partnered with us in the life experience prior to this present incarnation (more often the case). They have chosen to be close to us at times because… well, simply because they are close to us (that is, they feel a closeness to us always), and it pleases them to give us guidance from time to time.

Guides, as opposed to Angels, are not with us always. As previously incarnated beings, they have other things to do, other adventures to take, other challenges and growing to experience in what we would call “the Afterlife.” But they fly to our side instantly when they can feel we need guidance or help, or when we call upon them. Because they have shared a special kinship with us in this or another life, their presence can often by “felt” by us.

The presence of Angels is much more etheric… a “wispier” sort of feeling, if it is felt at all. Yet their power is greater than that of Guides, if I could put it that way.

It is not really a case of “power,” but our human words are so inadequate to describe Larger Realities. Perhaps the word Purpose should be substituted here. Or a new word, a combination of the two. Then we could say that their purwer is greater than that of Guides. Their Instant Intercessions can change the course of physical or emotional events in ways I have mentioned. Guides do not have this purwer.

Clearly we are blessed in amazing ways by both types of presence in our lives. •

Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
“I can’t seem to stop grieving…”

Dear Neale: My brother Chuck died several years ago, when he was only twenty-seven, and I can’t seem to stop grieving. Every day I think of him, everything I see reminds me of him. Nothing seems to matter to me anymore. I am chronically depressed. Can you help? Sheila, WI

Dear Sheila, I am sorry for your loss and I understand your grief. There are some things that I would like to tell you, though, that may help you to re-paint this memory on the canvas of your mind, so that when you look at it, you are not always sad.

First, you must know that Chuck has not died; that death is a fiction and a lie and never, ever takes place. That is number one, and that is something you must take into your Self as a truth of the highest order for any of the rest of this to make sense.

Second, if we accept that Chuck is not the thing you call “dead”, but is, in fact, very much alive, then we must ask ourselves: Where is he? What is he doing? And, of course, is he happy?

We’ll answer the last question first. Chuck was never happier, nor more joyful, than he was at the moment of his transition from this earthly life. For in that moment he knew once again the grandest freedom, the greatest joy, the most wondrous truth--the truth of his own being, and of its oneness with All That Is.

Separation ended for Chuck in that moment, and his reunification with the All of Everything was a glorious moment in the heavens and the earth. It was a time, indeed, for celebration, not for mourning, yet mourning is understandable, given our limited awareness of what is truly happening, as well as the magnitude of our own personal loss, which we are naturally experiencing.

After a period of very natural grief, which we must be good enough to give ourselves, it then becomes our choice to stay in that place of utter devastation and mourning, or to move to a larger awareness and a grander truth, which allows us to smile—yes, even at the thought of his departure, however early, however abruptly, although nothing is “early” or “abrupt” in God’s timetable, but all is perfectly timed.

Should we choose to move to this larger awareness, we are then free to celebrate in fullness the life which was Chuck’s, the gift he bestowed upon all those he touched, and the wonder of his beingness and his love even now.

We do this most by allowing Chuck himself to be completely free. Which brings us to the first question in the trio above: where is Chuck now?

In CwG Book 3, it was revealed to me that in the world of the absolute in which God dwells, we are all everywhere. That is, there is no “here” or “there,” there is simply “everywhere.” Thus, in human terms, it is possible to say that we can be in more than one place at a time. We can be two places, or three places, or any place we wish to be, having any experience we choose to have. For this is the nature of God, and of all God’s beings.

And what experience do we choose to have, among others? The experience of oneness and empathy for those we love, just as we did while in bodily form.

What that means is that Chuck loves you even now, not in some theoretical sense, but in a very real sense, with a living love that can and will never die. And that eternal and everlasting love causes Chuck (part of the essence which is Chuck) to come to you, to be with you, with the very thought of him. For the thought of one who loves us is an attraction and a pull which the essence of a being cannot and will not deny, and will never ignore.

Chuck is with you even now, as you are reading this, for you have him in mind, and a part of him is very much there with you. If you are very quiet, and very sensitive to the moment, you will even be able to sense him, feel him...maybe even “hear” him.

This is true of all people everywhere, and it explains the thousands and thousands of reports received every year of “visits” by departed loved ones to those who remain behind, reports which psychiatrists, ministers, doctors and healers of every kind have become very used to hearing, and no longer question.

Often what happens is that the essence of the beingness which flew to us at the very thought of it arrives in our space full of love and compassion, and complete openness with us. That openness will allow the essence of our loved one to know and understand completely what we are feeling and experiencing.

If we think of that person with sadness, grief and pain, the sadness we experience will be known to that essence. And since that essence is now pure love, it will lovingly seek to heal our sadness, for it will find it impossible not to want to do so.

If, on the other hand, we think of that person with joy and celebration, our joy will be known to the essence of the person we have so deeply loved, and that essence will then feel free to move into its next grand adventure, knowing that all is okay with us. It will come back, to be sure. It will return each time it is thought of.

Yet its visits will be joyous dances in our mind; wondrous, sparkling connections; brief, yet shining moments; smiles made whole. Then the essence will whisk away once more, gladdened by the thought of your love and your celebration of its life, feeling complete in its interaction with you, although by no means ended.

Now in the process of helping us to heal our grief and sadness, and end our mourning, the essence of our loved one will stop at nothing, using any tool, borrowing any device, employing any method at its disposal (including, perhaps, a letter like this from a total stranger) to bring us the message of its unremitting joy in the place of its current residing, and the truth of the perfection of the process of life and transition.

When we can celebrate the perfection, we allow the essence and the soul of our loved one to celebrate it as well, releasing it to the unspeakable wonders of its larger reality, honoring its presence in our lives, in its former physical form, now in this moment, and even forevermore.

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! No more sadness, no more mourning, for no tragedy has truly befallen anyone. Yet special remembrance with smiles and tears, yes, but tears of joy at the wonder of Who We Are, of who Chuck is, and of the unspeakable love of a God who could have created all this for us.

Celebrate, Sheila. Give yourself and Chuck and all those whose lives are touched by both of you, the gift of a lifetime: the gift of joy replacing sorrow, of gladness overtaking the pain of loss, of genuine gratefulness, and of peace at last.

God’s blessings, not the least of which are Chuck’s life and Chuck’s presence with you even now, surround you, Sheila. Go now, and be Who You Really Are. And smile.

Chuck would have it no other way.

Blessings, Neale

One Continuousness…

Conversations with God makes it very clear that there is no Supreme Being. That is, there is no one being who is “higher than all the rest.”

To understand this, consider that most people, especially those in the West, tend to think in straight-line scenarios. They think of Time, Life, God…virtually everything…as a straight line. This configuration allows us to conceive of a “beginning” and an “end,” a “highest” and a “lowest,” in our mental and mythical constructions.

Yet what if all that straight line thinking got reconfigured? What if we began seeing things differently? What if we began understanding Ultimate Reality in a New Way? What way would that be?

Well, instead of thinking of Time, Life or God as straight-line configurations, try this on for size….try taking the two ends of that straight line and bending them into each other. Make believe it’s a bar of steel, and you’re a circus strong man, bending the bar until the two ends meet. What do you have then? You have The Beginning and The End touching each other – with nothing in between.

You have recreated God, Time, and Life as a complete circle, and in this configuration there is no beginning and no end. Not to God. Not to Time. And not to Life.

This brings us to a whole new understanding. A larger understanding. A correct understanding of How It Really Is.

In Ultimate Reality, everything is continuous. There is no place where one thing lets off and another takes up. The great It Is, is just that. It’s all ONE. It’s all ONE CONTINUOUSNESS.

I’ve just invented that word: Continuousness: the state of being continuous.

This is the State of Being in which God resides. It is the State of Being in which Time exists. It is the State of Being in which Life expresses. It is that which God IS. It is that which Time IS. It is that which Life IS.

God is CONTINUOUS, with nothing higher and nothing lower.

Time is CONTINUOUS, with no beginning and no end.

Life is CONTINUOUS, with no start and no finish.

So, God is not the Supreme Being. God is the ONLY Being.
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