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CwG Weekly Bulletin #93: The End of Better

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Now, let's see what else is in this week's Bulletin!

1) The End of Better

2) Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"Who I've Been Isn't Who I want to Be"

3) Moving to the Next Level

The End of Better

And so it has ended. Any last illusion that Americans may have been hanging onto that their country is a "better" country, that their people are "better" people, and that their military is a "better" military, because Americans are fair, honest, and kind has been shattered into a million pieces in the past 36 months.

First, our faith in the fairness of our political system was shaken as we watched a man who received over 100,000 fewer votes nationwide than his opponent become president of the United States. Then our faith in the fairness of our economic system-and those at the top of it-was wiped out by the unbelievable, endless and continuing accounting scandals that have shown us just what kind of integrity our corporate world possesses.

Then the man who we didn't elect ordered his country to do what we never thought we'd live to see the United States of America ever do: attack a foreign nation and kill hundreds of innocent people with no justification other than a suspicion. And now, finally, we weep inside for the losing of the last of our dream of who Americans are as we see sickening photographs emerge from a prison called Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

If people living in the United States really thought that Americans were "the good guys," and that it was only the rest of the world they had to worry about, they're now learning the truth. We're no better than anyone else. Period. End of sentence.

So we can stop, already, with our righteous protestations about the cruelties and unfairness of the rest of the world, about her "rogue nations" and her terrorist states and her brutal militaries and her unfair economic systems. It turns out that what many others in faraway places have been saying about us for decades is true: we are the pot calling the kettle black.

Yet even though we are now seeing ourselves as we really are, we are still shrinking from asking the painful questions. How has this all happened? How can humans cheat each other and brutalize each other and torture each other in prison cells and kill each other the way we do?

What is the real problem in the world today? What is the cause of our massively dysfunctional behavior? This is the question no one seems to want to ask. Not a single head of state has asked it. Not a single military official has looked at it. Not a single prominent politician, economist, educator, or journalist has seriously made the inquiry. Tellingly, not even one leader of any of the world's exclusivist organized religions has posed the question-much less offered an answer.

Why? Because to pose the question would be to put into question the basic human values that most of those people in positions of such power and influence have adopted-and that most of the human race has embraced, following their lead.

Yet now let us consider the answer that no one wants to consider as even being possibly true: the problem in the world today is not a political problem, it is not an economic problem, and it is not a military problem. The problem in the world today is a spiritual problem.

Our problem has to do with what we believe. And beliefs are spiritual matters. It is what we believe-about God, about life, about each other-that allows us to act the way we act with each other with impunity. Our most basic beliefs support (indeed, sponsor) our behaviors. And this is one thing we don't want to look at.

What is it we are believing that promotes such behaviors?

We believe that we are separate from each other. We believe that there is not enough of what we need on this planet to survive and to be happy. We believe that God gives us the moral authority to use violence against each other for whatever reason we choose so long as we label it "justice" or "self defense."

Fascinatingly, we believe that whatever is buried in the portion of the earth on which we live-the minerals and rocks and oil and whatever other substance we find there-is "ours" by virtue of the fact that it exists in "our land," raising the interesting international political question, "How far down is 'down'?" We also believe that we own the sky above us, insofar as it covers "our" land, raising the interesting international political question, "How far up is 'up'?"

Many of us also believe that our way is the only way-not the best way or the fastest way, but the only way-to heaven. Further, many of us believe that persons who believe in other ways will be condemned by God, and are therefore open to humiliation and condemnation by us.

These and other of our beliefs give us plenty to fight about, but we don't ever examine these beliefs seriously to see if they are true, because our beliefs are sacrosanct. They are not open to question.

Recently, U.S. President George W. Bush told the audience at a ceremony commemorating the National Day of Prayer in the United States, "God is not on the side of any nation, yet we know He is on the side of justice. Our finest moments.have come when we have faithfully served the cause of justice for our own citizens, and for the people of other lands."

I wonder if anybody but me shivers when observing that those words could just as easily have been spoken by the spiritual leader of Hamas.

This invoking of God to add moral authority to, and thus to justify, ungodly acts is apparently not only the tactic of that militant Islamic movement, which has openly taken credit for many suicide bombing missions in the Middle East, and has issued many similar statements in the past

What the world desperately needs now is a new form of spirituality. A spirituality that teaches not of a God who Himself uses condemnation, torture and violence as a means of control (and who encourages others to do so), but of a God who invites all of humanity to explore a new way of living and being. A spirituality that, instead of sending messages of separation and scarcity, sends messages of unity and sufficiency.

We are all one, and there is enough for all. The problem in our world is not one of supply, it is one of distribution. We have enough stuff, we simply don't have enough will. It is the job of our spiritual and political leaders to give us the will. They are not doing it.

2) Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"Who I've Been Isn't Who I want to Be"

Dear Mr. Walsch: I have a question that I would appreciate help with. I'm sure that there are many of us who have reached a point in our lives at which we just don't know "Who We Want to Be."

Can you furnish me with any guidance in this matter? I have a long list of "Who I Have Been," but these hats no longer fit very well. Wayne, TX

Dear Wayne, If you don't know Who You Want to Be, who does? Yet if you just can't make a choice out of the endless possibilities in the Universe, then try this: simply reverse the question. Who do you not want to be? Merely stop being who you do not want to be, and you will automatically be Who You Want to Be.

Remember, Wayne, the "who" that you want to "be" is not a person, not an occupation, not a thing that you "do." It is something that you choose to "be." We are talking about "beingness" here, not "doingness."

For instance, long ago I chose to no longer "be" the thing called selfish, or hurtful; unkind or insensitive; self-centered or needy. It took a long time for my body to get the message. It was still going around "doing" things which came from these supposedly unwanted states of being.

But then, little by little, things began to change. I started eliminating behaviors I no longer wanted; behaviors that did not represent (that is to say, re-present) me in the way that I chose to "be."

Today I am very much a different person from the man I was even a few short years ago. And, as a result of the new state of beingness into which I have fallen (it is something like falling, too, by the way, not unlike "falling in love"), I find my body "doing" things that only a body which is not "being" all those unwanted things would do. Doing arises out of beingness, and it is always thus, although very few people really know or understand this.

I am not sure you and I are talking about the same thing; but I am sure that this is what Conversations with God is talking about when it discusses Who You Really Are. You are not a human doing, you are a human being.

Now if this is what you are talking about in your letter, the decision as to who you "want to be" will be not nearly so difficult. And what you will discover is that as soon as you become who you "want to be" in your state of beingness, you will begin to find ways to "do" what you have always wanted to "do" with your life.

It is always astonishing to me to see how many people move into their right livelihood, creating the right and perfect "career" for themselves, as a result of their decision to "be" Who They Really Are. Indeed, that is exactly how I came to be "doing" what I am doing today!

Blessings, Neale

3) Moving to the Next Level

Has your year been, so far, what you'd expected?

If so, good for you! If not, why not?

Could it have been that you were not very clear as to your intentions?

CwG says that "life proceeds out of our intentions for it." When this year began, did you get to a place of absolute clarity about what you intended for it? Are you at clarity now?

This is a good time to check in, to make an assessment, to see how things are going. And to renew your intentions for the rest of the year. Because another year will be here before you know it. Another year will have passed. Will you be any closer to your life's dream? Will you be any nearer to the realization of your life vision?

Sit down now and make a statement of that dream and that vision. You may want to do so in writing. Make a declaration of what it is you choose.
And be careful not to get into too much "doingness." Allow your choices to be declarations of "beingness." For all of life exists as an opportunity for you to experience being Who Your Really Are. And Who You Are, as I have said many times, has nothing to do with what you are doing.

Many of us are still caught up in doingness. We imagine that happiness will come from something we are doing. Yet happiness of any real variety can only spring from beingness.

It is what you are being that matters to your soul. For the soul is beingness, at the highest level.

So decide what it is you are trying to be.

Are you trying to be "happy"?

Are you hoping to be "secure?"

Are you seeking to be "peaceful?"

Is it your desire to be "loving?"

Get clear about your intention, then move into every moment of Now prepared to fill that moment with your intention in action. "Do" nothing which does not match your intention; does not vibrate in harmony with it.

When you come from your intention, you will find that certain behaviors will tend to drop away. Your life will see a shift, a major movement, a leap into consciousness at the next level.

And that is what this, your present lifetime, is all about.

Moving to the next level.


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