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CwG Weekly Bulletin #94: You Are a Messenger of Life

My Dear Friends,

Apparently a commentary that I wrote in last week's bulletin affected a few people in a less than positive way. I'm sorry if anyone was offended, but I'm not sorry if anyone was affected. My function in life as a messenger of the New Spirituality is to affect people, and I hope that I can always do that. I also want to always provide the space for open disagreement, because the New Spirituality says that "ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way," and I want to live that. So please let me share with you here an email I received a few days ago.

Dear Neale,

I have read all your books, and am a member of the CwG group in Portland. I've always connected with the material in the books, but YOU seem to be falling out of line with your own words. I can't but help to express my disappointment in your political opinions of late.

These are you're words from a previous bulletin...."I hope that you will resist the temptation to make your husband, or anyone else, the "villain" in your story, but that you will move to a place of forgiveness and, eventually, even to a place where you clearly see that forgiveness is not necessary. All things happen perfectly in God's world, and for a greater clarity on the reasons why these things happen, please re-read Conversations with God."

Why is it that you don't seem to apply this principle to Bush and what is going on right now in our history? I would really like an answer to that! I would really like to see the attacks on Bush from your organization stopped! Your views are so skewed!

I am quite frankly disgusted and angry by your political views, it's obvious where you stand, and I think it VERY irresponsible for you to say..."the man we didn't elect ordered his country to do what we never thought we'd live to see the USA ever do: attack a foreign nation and kill hundreds of innocent people with no justification other that a suspicion." If we didn't elect him...then why is he in office? Was this an accident? Was this a mistake? (there are no coincidences I thought) ONCE AGAIN, only one side of the story is ever told on this soap box...there is a much bigger picture than what you are implying, step out of the box Neale, there was a lot more to it than just a suspicion, and there was plenty of justification...otherwise Congress would not have VOTED to go to war.

I'm so sick of the BS that Bush is blamed for this outrage? He did not do this alone, and he did not do this with the cruel intentions that you and your liberals imply. I for one, am glad that someone is finally doing SOMETHING about these radical terrorists that have been brutalizing people for more than 30 years. Why do you fail to mention and ignore the HUNDREDS of thousands of people they have slaughtered?

As with Hitler, I for one cannot tolerate that kind of treatment of other human beings, and you'll have to pardon me...but they will not be loved into changing their ways of slaughter. Their mission is to kill as many of us, that is, non believers, as they can. Are we to tolerate this behavior and allow it to continue? They have a brutal history sir, I suppose we should just allow them to blow us all up? After all this is all an illusion, and there are no victims, ey?

There have been thousands of acts of good will by our soldiers and government to the Iraqi people. I see on the news many who appreciate our help, but you do not. You choose to see the only bad side, I choose to both sides the good and bad. There is a lot of both good and bad going on now.

Nick Berg isn't the only American these terrorist have beheaded and on video! What about Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded BEFORE the war, as well as 2 Americans in Korea...and the terrorists say...this is what happens to Americans who don't believe in their God, not to mention 3000 killed on 9/11. These acts don't even compare to what you say our government is doing. I'm not buying this evil US government BS anymore, and it is very sad that we have to be at war, but I'm not buying the evil intention that you and the liberals are trying convince the world of. After all we have the freedoms and liberties like no other countries, and we are out to conquer the world for oil and just for no reason at all....yep that's it. In the meantime...keep pushing that book like you are, and enjoy the rewards of the country you are able to live and function in!

Think about what YOU are putting out there! The US thinks it's better than everyone else??? That is such a cop out. There are many who would like better conditions for those in the world who don't have it so great. Just as you try to better the world, the intentions of most in the US, and even some in the government...are for a better world.

I think you are far more inspiring with spiritual subjects rather than political opinions, which are rather one-sided.


Dear Leslie,

Thanks for writing. I very much appreciate hearing from you on this. Your opinion is important to me, and I hope you, and all the readers of this bulletin, will be willing to open a dialogue with me about this.

You are right, Leslie, in saying that my views are skewed. I believe very deeply that President Bush is leading the United States in a direction that is not beneficial, a direction in which we do not want to go, and in which we should never have gone.

I believe that the President should have obtained the support of the international community much more fully before launching a preemptive attack on a foreign country.

We could not obtain the approval of the majority of the international community for a very good reason, Leslie. The international community understood that the "evidence" we were using as a rationale for a first-strike attack was weak, at best.

We STILL do not have the approval of the international community, Leslie, because that community understands that we have overstepped our bounds, imposed our will on an anxious and unsettled world, and done so very arrogantly.

I am writing these words to you from Europe, where I have been lecturing and presenting workshops, and I can tell you that the prestige of the United States in Europe is at the lowest level I have ever seen it.

In the past month I have been to Paris, to Zurich, to The Hague, to Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London, and virtually no one on this side of the Atlantic believes that we did the right thing in our first-strike attack of Iraq, with France and Spain now refusing to send any troops there to assist the U.S. with reconstruction, and Germany not far behind.

Here in England, all the papers are reporting that Prime Minister Tony Blair is on the brink of losing his position because of his support of President Bush on this, and the British government has put a hold on its decision to send more troops to help the U.S. in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the reconstruction effort in Iraq itself is costing America billions and billions of dollars---and this effort is being undertaken by a President who, in his campaign, roundly and loudly denounced previous Democratic administrations for "nation building," and said that if he was elected, he would never allow this country to be involved in nation building again.

You mentioned, Leslie, that Congress voted to go to war. As I am sure you remember, Congress approved our going to war in Iraq based on the statements of the President that Iraq possessed, and was developing more, weapons of mass destruction, and that these weapons posed an immediate and perilous threat to America and the free world.

Most of the free world did not agree---and most of the free world, it turns out, was right.

Now that no weapons of mass destruction have been found, we are beginning to ask questions. Was our original intelligence faulty? How could we have been so wrong about that? In the meantime, the U.S. government has changed its rationale for being in this war, saying now that our purpose is to create a stable and democratic government in Iraq. Sounds like nation building to me.

Worse yet, we are not even succeeding at that. Today the London newspapers are running stories that Tony Blair and George Bush are rushing to create a "quick exit strategy" to get the U.S. and Britain out of Iraq before both of them lose their jobs. Forget about building democracy.

Secretary of State Colin Powell was asked today what we should do if the Iraqi people want to put into place, not a democracy, but a theocracy, a government run by a state religion, Islam, as in Iran. Powell's answer? "We just have to live with the decision made by the people of Iraq."

This is a HUGE turnaround for the Bush Administration, which said point blank months ago that it wanted to turn Iraq into a free and democratic republic, and would not allow the forces working against democracy to win the day.

Those forces, Leslie, are now pushing the U.S. out of Iraq. They are bombing and sabotaging and doing whatever they can to force the United States to leave, right now. Even as I write these words the news has come that a suicide bomber has killed Izzadine Saleem, the head of the Iraqi Governing Council, as his car waited at a checkpoint near coalition headquarters.

This is a major setback to American efforts to stabilize Iraq just six weeks before the scheduled hand over of sovereignty. So we are failing miserably even in our attempts at nation building. We did not find any weapons of mass destruction, and we are not succeeding in bringing democracy to Iraq. What, then, IS the point of our invasion? Are we now saying that we've lost hundreds of American lives and spent billions of American dollars to turn Iraq into another Iran? A country led by ruling Islamic clerics?

You said in your note, Leslie. "I for one, am glad that someone is finally doing SOMETHING about these radical terrorists that have been brutalizing people for more than 30 years. Why do you fail to mention and ignore the HUNDREDS of thousands of people they have slaughtered?"

Leslie, I never have felt that we should do nothing about radical terrorists. The question is, what is the most effective thing to do?

You seem convinced, Leslie, that America undertook a strike-first attack of Iraq as a part of our war on Osama bin Laden and his terrorism. Yet Iraq has not been proven to have had anything to do with bin Laden or the Sept. 11 attack on America, or with al Qaida at all. Nor has it been proven, even to this day, to have possessed weapons of mass destruction, nor to have been an immediate and deadly threat to the United States or the free world.

All that has been proven about Iraq is that it had a despot for a leader---Saddam Hussein. But is that a good enough reason for the U.S. to launch a first-strike attack on another nation? Seriously. I am asking the question seriously, Leslie. I hope you will dialogue with me about this.

Are we now saying, using first-strike attack as diplomacy, that we have the justification to threaten or to launch an immediate preemptive attack against North Korea? Or Iran? Or Cuba, with its dictator, Castro, in charge? Or any one of a dozen other nations where dictators and despots rule?

Are we to now use this as our measuring stick as to which nations we can march into and drop bombs on and take over? If this is okay for America to do, is this okay for any nation to do? Is this the New World Order of which you approve, Leslie?

May we now, because we are the strongest nation on earth, strike and then occupy any country that is ruled by a despot? Why, if freeing the world of despots is our goal, should we stop at Iraq? Please, Leslie, think about your answer to this, and talk to me about it.

On the subject of our own local politics, you asked in your note that if we didn't elect George Bush as our President, then why is he in office?

That is a very good question, Leslie. He lost the popular vote in America by more than 100,000 votes. He is in office not because the majority of the American people voted for him, but because our antiquated Electoral College system does not reflect the wishes of the majority of our citizens. Under this system, the candidate with the FEWEST votes nationwide can move into the White House---and did.

Leslie, you have quoted my earlier remarks to another person about wisdom from Conversations with God having to do with not making anyone the villain in our story, about forgiveness, and about all things happening perfectly in God's world. I stand by every one of those remarks today, and I see no contradiction at all in my commentary of last week.

Because God has said that we should not make anyone the "villain" in our story does not mean, however, that all criticism of the nation's top office holder is suddenly out of bounds.

The day that we tell ourselves that we must not criticize our leaders is the day that we are really in trouble. I welcome your criticism of me, Leslie. I hope you will always feel free to criticize me, and I hope that I can always feel free to criticize our President, or any other of our national leaders or opinion makers, otherwise the situation on our planet becomes extremely dangerous, wouldn't you agree?

Now, as for the President, I forgive him his awful mistake in Iraq, and I see, in a longer range view, that forgiveness is not even necessary, and that everything is perfect, just as CwG says. The perfection I see here is that President Bush has reawakened America.

Millions of Americans were shocked that our country would preemptively attack any other nation without more solid evidence than what we had, and millions more are now sickened and shocked by the methods of interrogation that U.S. soldiers say they have been ordered to use by our military leaders and our government.

There is now a report that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld approved a move to expand a classified operation for aggressive interrogations of Iraqi prisoners, a program that had originally been focused on the hunt for al-Qaida.

And as I write this, it has come to light that a White House counselor to the President had written a memo to the President months ago saying that he considered the Geneva Conventions on interrogation of prisoners to be "obsolete."

The evidence is mounting, Leslie, that the cruelty to prisoners that we have seen in those horrible, horrible pictures was not an isolated incident, but the outfall of decisions made at every level of our government.

Now let me dialogue with you on the following idea, Leslie..

Violence does not put an end to violence. All the wars of all our history have proven that. It was Einstein, I believe, who said that a problem cannot be solved at the same level at which the problem exists.

One does not solve the problem of violence or terror by using violence and terror. One does not end killing by using killing as a deterrent. (As our sorry use of the death penalty in this country has shown. We have the highest number of people in the world who are put to death as punishment for deadly crime, AND one of the highest crime rates in the world. Why is that, if the death penalty is such a deterrent? I will tell you why. It is because you cannot use the energy that CREATED the problem to SOLVE the problem. The idea that violence is an appropriate way to resolve conflict is barbarian. It is as simple as that.)

Einstein was right. The definition of insanity, Leslie, is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result. That is what we are doing all over the world...and it is not working.

I agree with you that we should do SOMETHING about terrorism in the world, and the terrorists who create it. One thing we might do is look at the cause of terrorism. People are not inherently bad, Leslie. Human beings are not simply "born bad." And certainly, entire GROUPS of humans cannot be said to be, simply, "bad people" who just want bad things to happen, or who simply have an "evil agenda."

That is what many people say about us, Leslie. It is what many Muslims think about AMERICANS.

Now one might say, "Well, they are wrong. We are right. THEY are the ones who have an evil agenda." Yet this is a simplistic view, Leslie. It is not in any way an accurate view of the world.

The fact is, "good" and "evil" can be found on both sides, and in every human heart, and the time has come for us to admit that this is true about Americans as well as about those who we believe oppose us. That was the point of my commentary, Leslie. We have got to stop thinking of ourselves as the "better" ones. Our actions have proven that we are not any better than anyone else.

My hope in the commentary last week, however, was not, Leslie, to get into politics, but to point out that the problem in the world today is, in fact, NOT political, but spiritual.

The world faces a spiritual problem today, Leslie. It is a problem of misplaced values and mistaken notions.

Here is an example of what I mean. On May 15 I read in the Daily Telegraph of London, one of Great Britain's largest newspapers, a startling and unsettling story.

The headline said, VOTING FOR KERRY WILL 'JEAPORDIZE YOUR SALVATION,' CATHOLICS TOLD, and the article reports that an American church official of high rank, Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, has warned his flock that they will be denied Holy Communion, and will be jeopardizing their salvation in heaven, if they vote for a candidate whose political views contradict the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

What the world's people need today is not more meddling by organized religion into civic and political affairs (such as we so loudly criticize Muslim countries for doing), but a New Spirituality, a new idea about how to live with each other, about how to solve our problems, and about what we think God wants.

We can all become spiritual leaders in this last great civil rights movement---a civil rights movement for the soul, freeing humanity from its ancient, outmoded, and false beliefs about God, about Life, and about each other.

But I do not expect everyone to agree with me personally, Leslie, about political, economic, and religious specifics, and I do appreciate hearing your point of view. Thanks for sharing it with me. And, as I said, I invite other reader dialogue as well.

Now, let's see what's in the rest of this week's Bulletin.

1) You Are a Messenger of Life

2) Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"How can such terrible cruelty exist in the world?"

You Are a Messenger of Life

We are messengers. Each and every one of us. We are sending a message TO life ABOUT life every minute, every hour, every day. I was not clear about this until CwG.

Life is a closed-loop feedback system. It tells itself about itself, and from this information recreates itself anew.

Let me share with you a story about the morphic field.

This is a term that scientist Rupert Sheldrake came up with to describe a phenomenon he has uncovered. Sheldrake found that sentient beings everywhere act in resonance with each other-whether they know it or not.

There was an experiment undertaken not long ago in which sweet potatoes were left on the beach of a small island not inhabited by humans, but on which many monkeys lived. The monkeys came to the beach and discovered the potatoes and, of course, began to eat them. Then, for reasons not clear, one monkey decided to splash his potato in the surf, which washed off all the sand. Eating it, he found that he liked it better that way. He began to wash in the surf every potato he had chosen to eat.

Soon, other monkeys were doing the same thing. Indeed, after a very little while, all the monkeys on the island were doing this. But now, here is where things get interesting. Scientists placed sweet potatoes on another island nearby, and the monkeys there began washing their potatoes in the surf immediately, before their first eating.

What made them do this? How did they know to even try? Sheldrake says it is through a phenomenon that he has called the Morphic Field. He describes this as a field of consciousness surrounding all of life-which is part of all of life-and which contains the sum total of all the thoughts and experiences of Life Itself.

Into this Resonant Field we send our every idea, thought, concept, choice, decision, and memory-experience. And into this Field we reach every time we "think" about a thing, or act "intuitively" or "instinctively."

We now know that our very DNA carries information to us about Life, about our Selves, about everything around us. There is such a thing as cellular memory, and this memory is passed on through genetics to our offspring.

There is also such a thing as collective consciousness, and this is less physical than cells or DNA. That is, it cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it is no less real.
In the combination between the seen and the unseen lies the wisdom of the ages.
Everything that YOU think, choose, do, and remember is carried back to Life in two ways: (a) through your genetic code, (b) through the Morphic Field.

YOU..are a MESSENGER. You are sending a message TO Life THROUGH Life ABOUT Life every single day.

Have you ever noticed how people who have been together for a very long time start to look like each other?

Have you ever noticed how people and their dogs can start looking alike?
Do you think that it is a coincidence that people of a particular culture begin to think alike?

Do you know that people who don't ever talk to each other start thinking alike? They come to the same conclusion about the same things and act in the same ways, because of the Morphogenic Field.

Believe it. It's true.
Group consciousness can create collective experience-without anyone even knowing what's happening.or how.

CwG makes this very clear. It says that we have more power to create collective realities than we may ever have dreamed of. The problem is, most people do not know this. And many of those who do are using it against us. They are moving forward their own private agenda, using the tools that impact collective consciousness, because they know that collective consciousness is where the power is.

After reading CwG I became clear that I am impacting collective consciousness every day. And even at the purely physical level, I am sending a message to life about life. I watched myself in public and in my home with others, and I began to take close note of how the people whose lives I personally touched were responding to how I touched them.

I saw, much to my surprise, that I was having a greater impact on how others around me saw and experienced life than I might ever have imagined. I observed that people's whole mood changed, their outlook shifted, the vibe of an entire room could be altered, simply by the way I showed up in the space.

We are susceptible. Human beings are susceptible. We pick up the vibe of whomever or whatever is around us. The kind of music you listen to can change the kind of person you are. So can the kind of movies you see, the television shows you watch, the people you hang with, the food you eat, even the clothes you wear.
Similarly, we send vibes to others. And it is in this role as humanity's messenger that we play our most important part in the unfoldment of our collective future.

2) Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"How can such terrible cruelty exist in the world?"

Dear Neale.

Your book helped me immensely in different areas of my own life. I tend to believe that things happen the way they are supposed to, and I have learned to accept these things. One thing I will never understand and cannot accept, however, is when terrible things happen to little children who cannot defend themselves.

I was recently sent an e-mail by a friend to sign a petition to keep two people in jail. The story was of a 2½ year-old who was tortured and killed by two 10-year-olds. The details are too brutal to repeat here. I have had trouble sleeping because that story was so disturbing to me. How can such cruelty exist in this world, and what could possibly be the explanation? I would like to hear what you think about this.

All my spirituality goes out the window when it comes to this. It always seems to me that you have an answer for so many questions that I can really understand. Can you help me understand why such cruelty exists?

Sincerely, Eileen, New Fairfield, CT

My dear Eileen...Reason does not exist in the language of the soul, only experience. Reason is a function of the mind, and the mind has nothing to do with Who You Are. That is why I have said that to experience Who You Really Are you must be out of your mind. As long as you are in your mind, you will try to find a "reason" for everything.

Finding a reason for something does not change it, and it cannot. That is why little has changed in human behaviors, even though humans know the reasons behind many things. A reason is merely your present explanation of something. That explanation is based on what you think that you know. When you come from Who You Really Are in every moment, explanations become unnecessary, and you become unreasonable.

All Masters are unreasonable. They are unreasonable in their desires, unreasonable in their actions, and unreasonable in their points of view. Because of this, no one agrees with them and everyone agrees with them. You do not agree with them when you are trying to reason with them, and you agree with them profoundly when you are simply experiencing them. This is people's reaction to me. They do not agree with me when they are trying to reason with me, and they agree with me profoundly when they are simply experiencing me. Unless I disagree with my Self. Whenever I disagree with my Self about Who I Really Am, people disagree with their experience of me--although it is then that they may find they can "reason" with me!

When you understand what I am saying here, you can understand how I am now going to answer your question, Eileen.

Cruelty exists in the world because we place it there. We place it there because we are hurt. All attack is a call for help. We are hurt when we have forgotten Who We Really Are. All of us forgot Who We Really Are when we were born. We did so voluntarily, but that makes the forgetting no less impactful.

Because we forgot Who We Really Are when we were born, we experience our Selves as having been hurt at--and, indeed, by--birth. That is why the first thing we do is cry. It is the first sound we make. We are not crying by accident.

When we heal the hurt of birth, we no longer cry at our own pain, because there is none. Then we cry at the pain of others, for compassion is part of Who We Are, and crying is part of compassion.

Those ten-year-old children are in great pain. That is because they do not remember Who They Really Are, and they have not been reminded by anyone. Parents are here to remind their children, but if parents do not know themselves, they can tell their children nothing.

Cruelty will exist in the world, Eileen, as long as people in the world act as though they do not know Who They Are. People in the world will act as thought they do not know Who They Are, Eileen, until they remember Who They Are. People in the world will remember Who They Are much faster if they are reminded constantly by others.

That is what you are doing here, Eileen. You have come here to remind others of Who They Really Are. You may not know this, but that does not make it any less true.

Blessings, Neale


"As soon as you decide Who and What You Are, everything unlike it will come into the space."
- Bringers of the Light

Finally, don't forget that this Thursday, May 20th, is "Tomorrow's God Day" around the world. CwG readers across the globe on this day are undertaking a grand experiment to see just what impact we can have in sending a message TO the world ABOUT a message FOR the world.

On Thursday, those of us who believe that the messages in the latest CwG dialogue can truly produce a new beginning for humanity will be going to our local bookstore (or getting online at and obtaining extra copies of "Tomorrow's God" to give away to our friends, or to donate to our local public library, or to "accidentally" leave at the hairdresser or on the subway.

This can be wonderful fun. We all get to be "underground operatives" in a real grass roots movement to change the world's ideas itself and about God. If CwG has touched you in a significant way, this is your chance to pass that on. Please join us in making this Thursday a day in which the world is invited to sit up and take notice of a message whose time has come. Pass on copies of "Tomorrow's God" this Thursday!

Blessings, and thank you!


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God bless you, and thank you for caring enough.

See you next time! Hugs...Neale

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