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CwG Weekly Bulletin #95: A Struggle of the Mind

My Dear Friends...

How WONDERFUL it is to experience an open and free dialogue, where everyone gets to express their opinion, and everyone stays friends afterward. Here is a terrific response to my invitation last week to our readers to dialogue with me on the subject of Iraq and President Bush and all the rest.


We don't know if there are any WMD. We may look and look and look and
still not find anything. I like Bush, am unwilling to take a chance with
this. Sadam was very sneaky and consistently disallowed full access for the

Also, he did use chemical weapons of mass destruction to
wipe out (in less than 5 minutes) a full village of approximately 5,000
Kurdistan folks. These were woman, children, babies, men, teenagers -
EVERYBODY ! The world's top scientists are still unclear of the chemical
compound used there. It was in a newly created form of mustard gas
produced in Iraq. I believe that Sadam was continuing to develop
compounds and would have continued playing the cat/mouse game with the

We can search and search and maybe nothing will turn up in the end. I
believe under Sadam's rule, Iraq would've continued to mix and play with
chemical weapons of mass destruction. His technique was to disguise roving
laboratories which were extremely difficult to track and easy for him to
destroy as necessary... I can not, in good consciousness, hold anything
against Bush. As President of a world class leading country , all this man
did was get off the fence, take a stand, and do something about this
hugely important issue.

I may not agree with everything that this President says and does
(sometimes he infuriates me !) but he's certainly not asleep at the switch
and is doing the best job he knows how. You of all people know that when
you are up to causing BIG stuff in the world, BIG problems will show up!
Everybody's hurting right now, and especially Bush and his administration.
Its sure is easy to put all the breakdowns and problems under a magnifying
glass (and as well we should), but I for one, will not be so quick to knock
down Bush when it comes to Iraq.

Just as I respect your motivation and intention to make a difference in
this world, so do I respect Bush's, who represents all of us in the UNITED
STATES - that we will not tolerate any country's leader who is up to
creating, hiding, and using weapons of mass destruction.


Dear Maryann....Thank you for your commentary. I appreciate so much your engaging in this dialogue process. Maryann, I truly feel sincerity and respect in your note to me, and I respect that in return, enormously. May I say this, and ask your response?

Maryann, you talk about President Bush "taking a stand" and "doing something" about Saddam Hussein, and I agree with you that he did do that.

But here is my problem, as I have stated before. Does America (or any nation) really have the right to launch this kind of first-strike attack on any other nation, simply because that particular other nation has a leader who attacks his own people, and seems to threaten the rest of the world?

If it is okay to do that, Maryann, does that mean that we have a right to do the same thing to North Korea? Can we expect to launch a first-strike there, too? Because no one would argue for a moment that the "Great Leader" of North Korea is also killing his people, and he actually has admitted having weapons of mass destruction. The whole world knows of North Korea's nuclear arsenal, developed in spite of an agreement they signed that said they would not do that.

And, what about Cuba, where we all know of how Castro has been acting with his people. Or Iran? Or, to make a real case here, Maryann, why in the world do we put up with what Israel and Palestine are doing to each other? Why don't we just launch a first-strike attack on both, and say, "Hey, if you don't stop the killing over there, we're going to come over there and kill YOU!"

In other words, the question is, Maryann...why did we treat Iraq differently than any other country in the world? Did we consider their WMD's more dangerous than North Korea's? Or their leader more of a despot and more unpredictable than North Korea's? And, most importantly, Maryann, given that you believe that President Bush did the right thing here, are you saying that, from now on, Preemptive First Strike is now an acceptable tool of international diplomacy?

These are things that concern me about all this, Maryann. Thanks for writing.

Now, let's see what's in this week's bulletin!

1) Notes from the Road

2) Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"Did we create the biggest issues before we even got here?"
3) The Product of the Week: a special selection from our CwG Store
offered, for this week only, at a discount price.

4) Reflections from Dave
by Dave Peterson

Notes from the Road

I send you this note from Rome, where I just completed a wonderful weekend workshop on the messages of CwG and the movement to bring a New Spirituality to our planet. As grueling as the schedule on this trip has been, I cannot tell you how excited and inspired I have been on this European journey as I see people all over the continent respond so enthusiastically to the invitation to create a new worldwide spiritual outreach.

Over a thousand people came to the lecture in Rotterdam, Holland. Another thousand attended in Stockholm. More than eight hundred were on hand in Watford, just outside London, and a standing-room-only crowd filled the hall to overflowing in Copenhagen. Weekend retreats in Oslo, Stockholm, The Hague, and now in Rome have been a spectacular success. People everywhere are being moved to tears at the wonder and the beauty of the future world that we envision. They are committing in large numbers to make the extraordinary messages of the New Spirituality available throughout their country.

The reaction in Rome was typical. There, over 70 people of the 104 attending our weekend program signed up to play leadership roles in bringing Humanity's Team to Italy, creating HT Communities from Milan to Bologna. Similarly, the movement in Norway was jump-started within 24 hours of our workshop there.

In the meantime, the "Make May 20th Tomorrow's God Day" Campaign all over the globe was an unqualified smash success. The book rose from # 565 to # 11 on the best sellers list (out of 58,000 titles overall), as people around the world obtained extra copies of "Tomorrow's God" and gave them to friends, or donated them to their local libraries, or simply left them "by accident" on the bus, bringing the message to many, many new people around the world.

All of this has been due to the hard, hard work of our Humanity's Team Country Coordinators, Regional Coordinators, State Coordinators, and HT members at every level of the movement. I especially want to thank Ceci Schulte, our U.S. Team country coordinator, We have proven that when we rally our forces and focus our energies, we can produce specific outcomes in a huge way!

I am immensely inspired and motivated by ALL of you---those of you who are members of Humanity's Team and those of you who are receiving the CwG Weekly Bulletin and keeping up with events and supporting them through your sending of good energies to us. If you wish to play a larger role in helping to create this grassroots brushfire, please go now to and check out Humanity's Team, the worldwide outreach of the Conversations with God Foundation. Its mission is to change the world's mind about itself.

We are reminded on page 254 of Tomorrow's God that ..."Humanity's struggle is not a military struggle, it is a struggle for the mind.

"If it were merely a military struggle, then the struggle would be over, because the mightiest military would easily win. Yet your histories, and world events to this very day, prove that the mightiest military cannot win anything. It can subdue, but it cannot be victorious.

"Subjugation and victory are not the same thing.

"Only when you change people's minds can you claim victory in the struggle to bring peace and harmony to humanity. And this will only occur when humanity understands that its problem is not a military problem, it is not a political problem, and it is not an economic problem. The problem facing humanity today is a spiritual problem."

And so now on to Zagreb, to Prague, to Istanbul, Lisbon, and Munich. There's a world waiting and yearning to hear this wonderful message, a message of spiritual liberation which is the New Spirituality, and which can truly change the world.
--- NDW
from Rome

2) Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"Did we create the biggest issues before we even got here?"
Dear Neale: Thank you for communicating the truth in such a straightforward, easy-to-read manner. Your writings have really been a blessing in my life.

My question: Do you think, from information you've received in your dialogues, or from what you've deduced from your conversations, that some of the biggest things that happen in our lives we created before we came into this incarnation? I'm referring to those milestones that really change the course of our lives. Or do you feel that we create everything that happens in our lives just as it's happening?

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer this. Something very painful happened in my life a while back and I'm still wrestling at times with accepting it. With my gratitude, Jane, CA.

You've asked a very good question, Jane. Your inquiry suggests, however, that there is such a thing as time. I would invite you to re-read CwG, Book 2 on the subject of time. When you are finished, you will understand a bit more what I'm going to say to you here.

Jane, everything is happening at once. So, in the largest sense, yes, we have created events and experiences before we came into this incarnation, and, we are creating them as we go along. Both answers are true. Both are correct.

The trick here, Jane, is to live within the contradiction. I know that in our world, in our constructions, we want there to be no contradictions, but ultimate reality is full of them, my friend.

As for your struggle at times to accept the painful experience you had in your life, trying to figure out when, or why, that experience was created will probably do little to help matters, Jane.

The reasonable question is not when or why this was created. The real question is, what do I want to make of it? And who am I in relationship to it?

So who are you, Jane? In relationship to the experience you have undergone, who are you, and who do you choose to be? That is the question, Jane, and it is the only question which matters.

In the answer to that question, Jane, will be your healing.
Blessings, Neale


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4) Reflections from Dave
by Dave Peterson
My name is Dave, and I'd like to share with you my experience of working at the CwG Foundation for the past 6 months.

Last year I retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service, and even though my spiritual path had begun several years before that, I never thought that I would end up working at the CwG Foundation!

The job opportunity came upon me and within 3 weeks I had packed up our house and family, hopped in our van, and made the 2800 mile trek from Florida to Ashland, site unseen.

Many thoughts raced through my head of what the Foundation looked like, the "ivory towers" I expected to see, the air of pure bliss and unbridled peace and harmony, in other words, Nirvana!

When I arrived, I was somewhat shocked to find that the ivory towers I was expecting was no more than a small building with no sign to declare to the world that this is where the CwG Foundation was located. I also came to find out that "real" people worked here with everyday issues and concerns - they weren't floating in the air with unchangeable expressions of joy and peace.

It was at this point that my analytical and practical side sprang to life. My thoughts and creation of expectations brought about a feeling of disappointment and criticism that I soon put into action. Was this my analytical and intellectual self assessing a new environment that I had declared dysfunctional and incapable of self-sustaining pursuits?

As I became more settled in my new job, new surroundings, new home, and new mission in life, I kept myself from fully diving in and totally being a part. In addition to this, I was dealing with some personal issues that, of course, I had an answer and explanation for, even though I felt there was no "right" or "wrong", I felt I was right.

This all culminated last week when I was brought into the office for an informal meeting with 5 of my co-workers! In the moment I felt that my past life experience at the Salem Witch Trials had re-appeared. I was given experiences and feelings from my co-workers that inevitably went to my heart and that my intellect could not argue. I was truly in a space of no "right" or "wrong", and there was no survival instinct or defense mechanism that could get me out of this.

It was time for me to face myself, as myself. The bottom line question out of the meeting was this, "Do you want to stay here?" I was given a few days to make my decision and the meeting would take place on my 40th birthday.

Over the next couple of days, major shifts and realizations came to my being. After having gone home after the meeting and writing a 3 page response, defending all the statements and accusations, I realized that this no longer served me, or anyone else for that matter. The realization of who I was, or really, who I wasn't, had become painfully clear to me.

I came to the realization that all I could respond to the meeting and offer was a big "thank you"! The meeting was a reminder and wake up call for me. It was a reminder for me in bringing to my awareness that I had given away my power to so many people, as well as allowing other people, events, and experiences to define who I was, instead of me being who I am in the experience. It served as a wake up for me in giving me the perspective I needed in order to fully understand who I am and how I'm showing up here.

I finally made sense as to why I'm here and why I created this experience. There are a lot of concepts and thoughts that I have come across and have heard, but have not fully grasped. Through the experiences I've had in the past 6 months, both wondrous and painful, I am manifesting an idea, or a set of circumstances that I can truly call a reality, and of which I can truly see.

It is in this manifestation that I am declaring to the world who I am and that I am finally going to show up as that, every moment of my life!

What I'm declaring is that I am here, 110%, for this is my creation and I can no longer deny it, or hide from it! What I realized is that this place is an "Ivory Towers"; I only need to create that for my reality and see it. I had lost myself in the illusion of my past and had forgotten who I was.

It was in that declaration on my birthday, that I could truly follow the statement that "Life begins at 40". It is from here that I choose to show up in the world and allow my life to begin, as me, for me, for my family, for humanity.

(Dave is a staff member of the CwG Foundation.)

".you cannot experience yourself as what you are until you've encountered what you are not. This is the purpose of the theory of relativity, and all physical life. It is by that which you are not that you yourself are defined.
Now in the case of the ultimate knowing-in the case of knowing yourself as the Creator-you cannot experience your Self as creator unless and until you create. And you cannot create yourself until you uncreate yourself. In a sense, you have to first 'not be' in order to be. Do you follow?" - CwG, Book 1, page 27

Now that you've finished reading the Bulletin, won't you please check out what role you could play in changing our world one belief at a time? Please go now to

God bless you, and thank you for caring enough.

See you next time! Hugs...Neale
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