Conversations With God
CwG Weekly Bulletin #96: The Great Gift of God

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My Dear Friends...

I am in the last week of my travel overseas. We've been on the road since the middle of April and although it's a long time to be away from home, it has been a marvelous and inspiring experience.

We've been in Turkey the last few days and I am enchanted with this country and the wonderfully warm and open people. Istanbul is an amazing city and I am so excited to feel the New Spirituality being explored and shared here.

Each day of this journey has brought me new awareness of how connected we are in spirit and it makes so much sense to me when I think of how the CwG books tell us that our problem is a spiritual one. For it surely is at this level that we connect eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, no matter the language barriers, the currency differences, the cultural separations. It is at this level where we know we are one, no matter the external barriers.

Thanks to all my spiritual brothers and sisters who have come out to remind us that we're all in this together. If you all are any indication of the richness of possibilities for Humanity's Team, important and miraculous change is already occurring in our world.

Now, let's see what's in this week's bulletin!

1) The Great Gift of God

2) Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"What is the relationship between creating on an individual level and collective creating and experiencing?"

3) The Product of the Week: a special selection from our CwG Store
offered, for this week only, at a discount price.

4) We Are All One, Unity.What Does That Really Mean?
by Maia Pepper

The Great Gift of God

One of the questions I am asked the most is, "How do you know you are having a Conversation with God? How do you know that you are not just making this all up?"

I can tell you exactly when I knew that I was not making it all up. It was very early in the ongoing dialogue, in Book 1, when I found myself writing the words, "There is no such thing as The Ten Commandments."

How could that be? I asked myself as the words came into my head and flew off the pen. I stared at the yellow legal pad before me. This is blasphemy, I told myself sternly.

I had never had a thought such as that before, I can tell you that. Nor had I ever read anything quite like that in the writings of others. I dove into the deepest reaches of my soul and earnestly asked God, What can this mean?

It was then that I was told to go back to the First Wisdom that I was given in the dialogue: "We are all One."

If we are all one, then that means that God and we are one. And if that is true, who would God command? And who would God punish if His commandments were not kept?

While all this made logical sense, I couldn't help but wonder, "Then what ARE the Ten Commandments? Did Moses make all this up?"

"Nope," said God. "He just got it wrong in the interpretation."

When Moses came to the mountain top, he, too, earnestly asked God some questions. "I have led my people from the wilderness. How can I now lead them to the promised land?" he wanted to know. "How can they know that they are on the right path?"

God answered, "I will give you signs. You shall know that you are on the path to God by these indicators. When you are on the path to God, you shall find yourselves acting in certain ways and doing things automatically, for these are things that a person on the path to God naturally does. When you are on the path to God.

1. You shall love God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul. And you shall have no other gods before the One God there is.

2. You shall find that you can say nothing in my name that does not come to pass. Everything you call forth, using my name, will be made manifest in your reality. That is, you shall not use the name of God in vain.

And there will be other signs as well. Ten of them, in particular, you will remember, for they shall form the bedrock of your experience.

(To read of these signs, see page 96 of Conversations with God - Book 1.)

When you are on the path to God, you shall do these things of your own free will. You will not have to be forced to do them, nor will you have to be commanded to do them. That is God's promise to you.
Therefore, these are The Ten Commitments. They are God's promise to us, God's answer to the question of Moses, and of the whole humanity (for we all have the same question. Moses asked humanity's question):

"How can we know we are on the path?"

Want to know if you are on the way back home? Just look at your own behaviour.
THAT is the lesson here, and that is the teaching.

God commands nothing. God simply tells us how to know when we have stepped on the path out of the wilderness and back to Love, which is God Itself.

This rearranges everything in our theology. Yet the statement We Are All One was intended to do that. God cannot separate Itself from Itself, and so God has no one to command, and no one to punish, except Godself.

This understanding changes everything. Suddenly, we realize what it means to have Free Will. A will that is truly free pays no price to anyone for its choices and decisions.
That is the great gift of God.

It is the most difficult gift to accept, and the most difficult to understand. Does this mean that we can do anything we want, no matter how much it might hurt or damage others, just because we choose to do it, and we will never be punished?
That is correct.

Yet there are consequences to our actions. Consequences and punishments should not be confused. Consequences are natural outcomes. Punishments are artificially imposed responses. "Outcomes" and "responses" are not the same thing.

All actions produce outcomes. If the natural outcome of an action that you take is something that you do not prefer, you may think of it as a punishment-particularly if you think of God as a punishing God. Yet a natural outcome is simply that-a consequence, not a response.

Life does not respond, but Life does flow in a sequence. That is, one thing leads to another.
Life is a process of Cause and Effect, not to be confused with a process of Reward and Punishment. And what you cause, you feel the effect of.

CwG says that no one can avoid this cause-and-effect process. Indeed, the With God books make exactly the opposite point, over and over again.

Further, CwG indicates clearly that all souls, after death, undergo a process in which they are allowed to experience every moment of the life they have just lived, but from the point of view of every person who was impacted by their decisions. In other words, they experience what they have caused others to experience.

The purpose of this, however, is not to bring a soul to "justice," but to bring it to awareness; not to provide punishment, but to provide insight. Thus, the experience does not last forever. It is not about eternal damnation, it is about the soul's evolution.

This is the Cause and the Effect, the Effect and the Cause, of everything. For the process is circular-as is all of Life. Life is a line, circling in on itself. That is why every effect you cause, you cause yourself to experience the effects of. It is never about "punishment." It is just how Life works.

2) Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"What is the relationship between creating on an individual level and collective creating and experiencing?"

Dear Neale...Could you tell me something about the relationship between the individual way of creating and the collective creating and experiencing. Because you were saying that some people are not "aware" and therefore find it impossible to stop smoking, for instance, even though people say: "It's not healthy." If this is difficult-creation from "awareness"-on an individual level, is it even harder on a collective level? A journalist in Rotterdam.

My friend....It is actually easier on a collective level-which explains precisely why humanity is where it is today. It is so simple to create collectively---because of the cumulative, and therefore incredible, power of collective thought, word, and action---that we are creating as a species without even knowing it.

It is not impossible to create something individually, but it is much harder. As I said, collectively it is done almost unconsciously, almost without awareness. Individually, it can only be accomplished through great awareness, at a level of very high consciousness.

A single drop of water dropping upon a stone must drop a million times to wear the stone away, but a wave need drop upon the stone but a thousand times. And if the entire ocean itself were to drop upon the stone, it would crush and wash the stone away in one instant. So it is a matter of degree, it is a matter of the concentration of energy.

We see, then, that collective consciousness is very powerful, yet if we are not collectively aware of that, it is like a runaway wagon.

We are all, when everything is said and done, manifestations of divine energy. We are the vibration of the essence of That Which Is. And to the degree that we can control that vibration and focus that energy in us and through us, to that degree the energy has extraordinary creative force.

Individually and collectively we use the same Tools of Creation. There are three: Thought, Word and Action. When individuals think and speak and act in a particular way, they manifest changes in their lives. When a small group of individuals thinks and speaks and acts in the same way and does so simultaneously, that group begins to produce a wave of energy much more powerful than an individual's energy, in most cases. And when really large numbers of people gather together in the same way, they produce a force that can change the world.

That is why most religions teach, in one form or another, the same thing: "Wherever two or more are gathered, there am I." Meaning that the power of God is concentrated and highly focused and magnified exponentially by the number of what I call Individuations of God, or energy units, that are gathered in a particular place at a particular time for a particular reason or in a particular way that is common to all of them. That is how we have created the world that now exists. We've done it in precisely the way I've just described.

The world exists the way it does, a way that is not very pleasant for many people, because we have created unconsciously. That is, we have produced the world of our exterior experience without even knowing that we were doing it---or how.

We have been walking around as if in our sleep, unaware of the impact of our combined creative force. And so we are living in a world of our own creation that is at odds with the world that we say we want to experience. This is because we have not used our collective creative force consciously, but rather, I say again, done so unconsciously.

So, we are like Alice in Wonderland watching the Mad Hatter running around swearing that what is not so, is so, and that what is so, is not so. The process with which we can extricate our selves from this global nightmare is one of waking up. And that process is undertaken by each individual, playing their role in shifting the collective experience of humanity.

That is when you and I become alarm clocks, each of us in our own way touching the world that we touch. Suddenly, that part of the universal experience becomes more conscious of itself. And by that device we begin to move toward a grander experience, collectively, of Who We Really Are.

Blessings, Neale

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4) We Are All One, Unity.What Does That Really Mean?
by Maia Pepper
I have been entertaining myself with this concept of Being One for a long time, trying to see myself in others and them in me. Sometimes, briefly, I would "get it", but all too often it was a fleeting moment and I was back in the separation perception, focusing on how every one, every thing was DIFFERENT from ME.

A couple months ago I was hiking with a group of new thought people who prior to the hike reminded everyone to beware of the poison oak in the area and repeated the message all along the trail. I did not want to "go there" to that mindset and was using the "negation" technique to limit any negative outcome. However, the next day I absently started scratching my arm which was insistently itching. By the time I made the connection to the poison oak, I had liberally spread the oil around.

Naturally, I had to look at the cause and effect here of why my conscious "not going there" technique had not worked. So I began to examine what it means to be ONE with EVERYTHING. I began to have a broader understanding of what that really means - that plants, animals, viruses, etc. as well as people are all interconnected energetically through the fabric of The All That Is.

When I believe and perceive myself separate from any thing or any one, then it triggers my Survival Self to feel a need for protection from any thing NOT Me! It also made sense that every person or thing would energetically sense this and respond from a Self protection stance. Following further along with this idea, I thought that it is possible that immune systems were created from a belief in Separation which leads directly to a need to create protection for survival from all things outside our Self.

This then led to playing with the idea that if I am one with all things, and that is what I am believing, feeling and living, there is no need for me to be allergic or reactive to anyone or any thing.

So on my next hike I focused on loving the Poison Oak and sending an energy of Oneness every time I saw any. It felt so good to be At-One-Ness with nature, and best of all.. not itching or ANY reaction to it!

This inspired me to do the same thing with bugs and bees and dirt and more. A bee flew into my nose the other day and I said "I Love you too!" No sting, just joy.

Try it! You just may find yourself LOVING Life - in whatever form it shows up!

(Maia is a staff member of the CwG Foundation.)


"Currently, nearly everyone on your planet believes The Illusion of Disunity to be real. As a result, people feel separate from God and separate from each other.
The feeling of separation from Me makes it extremely difficult for people to relate to Me in any meaningful way. They either misunderstand Me, or fear Me, or they beg for My help-or they deny Me altogether.
In so doing, humans have missed a glorious opportunity to use the most powerful force in the Universe. They have subjected themselves to lives over which they imagine they have no control, under conditions they think they cannot change, producing experiences and outcomes they believe they cannot escape."
- Communion with God, pages 40-41


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See you next time! Hugs...Neale

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