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CwG Weekly Bulletin #99: Education.Spiritual Discipline.Community

Hello, my dear friends...

I've returned home and am now very focused on a new book, "What God Wants." I am so enjoying the writing process and I am looking forward to sharing it with you soon.
So my greeting is short this week and I send you many blessings,
Now, let's see what else is in this week's bulletin.....
- In the flow.
- Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"Please explain how if you look at something, it will disappear."
- Education.Spiritual Discipline.Community.
by Rachael Kennedy


In the flow.


All my life I have wondered about the reason we are here. What did God have in mind? What was the point behind all of this? And if there IS a purpose, how do we align ourselves with it, and know that we are working toward it and not simply living oblivious of it?

These have been the central questions of my very questioning life. Even as a child I wanted to know about these kinds of things. I tried during my young life, and later, too, to find answers through religion. But those answers were not there.

Oh, religion had answers, all right. But not answers that made any sense to my soul. And when its answers did not make sense, I was asked to "accept them on faith." Yet how could I have faith in something that made no sense? Was I to believe in a senseless God?

Then along came CwG. This experience changed my life forever. I can sum up the experience in four words. Suddenly, God made sense!

CwG told me that the purpose of life was evolution. We are all God, "godding"!
We are "that which IS," in the act of becoming. And what are we becoming? We are becoming that which we really are. And we are deciding what that is going to BE.

That is what Life IS. Life is an act of DECIDING. Or, to put it in more spiritual terms, an act of Creation. CwG says: "Every act is an act of self-definition."

We are in the combined process of experiencing Who We Really Are, and deciding what that is going to be, in the self-same moment. This is the purpose of all of Life. Not just human life, but ALL of life.

Life is God, BECOMING.

The purpose of Life is evolution.

And that, therefore, is the purpose of the soul. For the soul IS Life, individually expressed.

Life is That Which Is. It is the sum total of the All of Everything. It is Universal Energy, everywhere present and everywhere expressed. Life pours itself into every moment, as pure energy manifested in specific and individual ways. The soul is one of those many Singular OUT-PICTURING of Universal Life - (S.O.U.L.).

I call it an Out-PICTURING, because it pictures, outside of ourselves, that which is inside of ourselves. It places in the outer world a picture of that which exists in the inner world-which is where God (the First Idea) abides.

God is a short word for the Gift of Our Divinity (G.O.D.) That Divinity lies within every living thing. It is the inner world, and it places a picture of Itself in the outer world as manifest reality. It does this through the process of Expression.

Life is God, expressing Itself.

This expression is total and magnificent, and goes on forever and ever. It appears in you, as you, and through you. You are one of the many channels through which God flows into the world.

The world itself is one of those channels. The world-indeed, the Universe-is God made manifest in physical reality. So, God flows from Itself INTO Itself, through you and through all of Life.

Indeed, that is another way of stating the Purpose of Life. Life flows God from Itself into Itself. And as God flows from Itself into Itself, God grows larger, becoming a grander and grander version of Itself in every moment of Now.

You are doing the same thing. The only difference is, God knows it, and you may not. Yet when you, too, know it, you are said to have become Enlightened. You then work WITH God, IN God, AS God to BECOME MORE OF God.

That is, you EVOLVE.

This is the purpose of the soul, and once you understand this, your entire life gathers new meaning. No longer can you exist as you have existed before. No longer can the old problems and difficulties of your life carry any meaning. You brush them off as if they were meaningless. Which they are.

They are just so much nonsense. They are just our dramas. And they mean nothing at all in the larger context of the purpose of our lives.

Message from the Hopi Elders--
We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For...
We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour
And there are things to be considered.
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in the right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your truth
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.
This could be a good time!
There is a river flowing now very fast
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold onto the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.
Know the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, and push off and into the river,
Keep our eyes open, and our head above the water.
See who is in there with you and Celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
Least of all ourselves.
For the moment that we do,
Our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over, Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that you do now must be done in a sacred manner
And in celebration.
"We are the ones we've been waiting for..."

The Elders, Hopi Nation, Oraibi, Arizona


Question of the Week from a CwG Reader
"Please explain how if you look at something, it will disappear."

Dear Mr. Walsch: I was beginning to not want to read any more new age and spiritual books. My searching, prayers, etc. were getting me nowhere. But I enjoyed your books through my laughter and tears. I don't understand, "If you look at something, it will disappear." Please explain. My whole life is crap I'd like to make disappear. I've had unbearable health problems for 23 years. I've always had health problems. I don't have medical insurance, so I stay home and suffer. If you do healings, help me, please. Ruth, CA.

My dear Ruth, This quote, "What you resist persists. What you look at disappears," is found on page 100 of CwG Book 1. Read the section which begins on that page over again, Ruth, because I believe it gives a pretty good explanation of how and why "what you resist persists" is true.

"What you look at disappears"-the second part of that statement-means that what you look square in the face ceases to have its illusory form. Anyone who has looked fear in the face and walked away from it unharmed understands this saying very well. Similarly, people look at pain and make it disappear, too, simply by looking at it. That is to say, by examining it, exploring it, owning it and not trying to resist it.

The act of resisting something can only make it stronger. The man in the dentist's office holding onto the arms of the chair for dear life can tell you that. The man who gets into the chair, sinks into the pain, flows with it, goes with it, looks at it and just acknowledges it and gives it no more power than it actually has, discovers that he can reduce, often eliminate, pain with astonishing ease. Mothers in childbirth who have been trained in the Lamaze method do this all the time.

Looking at something, anything, robs it of its imagined bigness, toughness, painfulness, and reduces it to a mere shadow of its former self. Indeed, masters can eliminate any unwanted experience.

I am sorry that you have experienced ill health for so very long. Still, I would encourage you not to resist this. Notice that you brought this to yourself (at a higher level, you made this decision).

Give thanks and be glad, for you have produced the right and perfect conditions in which to create and experience the next highest version of Who You Really Are.

There is much more to say about all of this, Ruth, but let me summarize our brief interaction with this: Own your illness. Embrace your sickness. Love it to pieces. Indeed, love it to death. You may not be able to erase the actual condition, but I can tell you for a certainty that you have it within your power to experience the condition in a new way; in a way which is not a trial and a tribulation, but an opportunity. Christopher Reeve, the actor who got thrown from his horse, is doing just that right now. He is a living, breathing example of exactly what I am talking about.

You can do the same, Ruth. You don't have to. No one is going to require you to. But you can
Blessings, Neale

Education.Spiritual Discipline.Community.
by Rachael Kennedy, Director of CwG Education

Education.Spiritual Discipline.Community.Education.Spiritual Discipline.Community.
I woke up the other night with these words ringing in my ears. Education.Spiritual Discipline.ok, ok you get it.

I have been recently working on redesigning our Leadership Education Program (LEP) and during this phase I keep asking myself these questions: What is it going to take to create lasting change? What is going to create a sustained shift in individuals after they pick up and read a CwG book? What can I further add to this program to increase shift possibilities???

It really is one thing to read the books and agree with their power and insight, and another to look at how these concepts work in one's life. It's one thing to have discussions about the material in a study group and another to live these principles every day. Can we stop just talking about it and start creating our own inner environment that will be reflected in an outer environment that looks a great deal sweeter than the one we see on the nightly news?

I am sure many of you ask the same questions and are making leaps in shifting beliefs and behaviors that do not serve you anymore.

What about the beliefs or principles that are not so easy to shift? How do we take the next step towards peace and joy for everyone?

"Education, Education and more Education!" I am sure you have heard Neale say this a time or two. In last week's bulletin Neale spoke of his European trip, particularly what he saw in Turkey and Portugal:
"I saw such tolerance and acceptance of minority religious views, and it made me wonder, what would it take for this kind of tolerance, mutual respect, and love to be spread throughout the world? Of course, I know the answer. Education, education, education. We must tell each other the truth about each other---that each of us is an individuation of God, no less worthy, and no more honored by God, than any other."

Education to me is about getting clear what the revolutionary concepts in the books actually mean. This may sound like a simple thing, but in my experience of co-creating the Education programs, this is easier said than done. When the rubber meets the road many questions can arise.

In each month of the LEP we take one concept from the books and delve deeply into what it means intellectually and in real human terms. The intellectual discussion usually moves along quite nicely, but when an email with real life concerns and crisis questions arise, most of the group join together in a chorus singing "Great question! How is Neale going to answer that one?"

I sometimes visit the CwG discussion board on our website, ( ) and read wonderful posts from all over the world. I see often that many people still don't completely understand how the concepts relate to every aspect of their lives. Fair enough, I say. When talking about Life/God, we are talking about some intricate stuff. I urge you to not just stop at reading the books, but also educate yourself in how the New Spirituality works. Deeply.

Spiritual Discipline may bring up different feelings or reactions for people. I know for some, the word discipline has a negative connotation. It feels like something difficult and strict. Spiritual Discipline to me means commitment, focus and setting up enjoyable routines that come from loving myself and exploring the vision of where I want to go and what I want to create.

There are hundreds of insights in the CwG cosmology. After you understand them intellectually, where do you go from there? Implementation perhaps?

How do you get really skilled at anything? How do you have something new become second nature? Practice.Practice.Practice. Maybe you need some discipline to stay focused on the practice.

Look at the top athletes, entertainers, inspirational speakers, mothers. Those at the top of their game or profession have risen to those heights from practice and discipline.

I will be eternally grateful to one of my teachers who said "I don't want you to read another self-help or spiritual growth book until you have fully integrated and live three of the principles in the last one you read." I got it! It's very easy to stay in the education process, with your head in a book, rather than being disciplined enough to start experiencing the practice they are telling you in book, after book, after book, or maybe tape set, after tape set, after tape set, will change your life.

What would it take to put the books down for a few months and become disciplined in living these spiritual concepts?

Spiritual Discipline can show up in many different ways. Meditation is one that easily comes to mind. What about focusing your awareness of every word that you speak which contradicts that which you wish to create? What about committing to a week of noticing and journaling what you said that contradicted your wish? Would this be something you would spend your time on? Would this be something you would be disciplined enough to do, rather than pick up and read another book? What Spiritual Discipline do you practice?

Now that brings me to Community, arguably the most important of my three current mantras.
It is so much easier to focus on Education and Spiritual Discipline with a community right there to support you. A community that will help keep you accountable to living how you want and creating what you desire is an underestimated tool for lasting change.

This community may look like a good friend. It may look like a spiritual support/study group, or participating in a structured community like I am proud to say we have created with those in our Education Program at the moment.

We get many people calling or emailing us here at the office wanting to find out if there are any people in their area who have read and/or are studying the books. It's heartbreaking to have to say sometimes, "we don't know of anyone in your area." It seems like creating community for some is a real challenge. If this, or anything similar is a challenge for you, go back to the first step:

Education. How do you create your reality? Educate yourself in the principles of creating your desire and how to ground a knowing that you CAN create community, or whatever it is that you choose. Move on then to Spiritual Discipline and practice the principles of creation you learn, rather than remaining in a place where you just talk about how there is no person in your area. It's up to you to "get real" with this work.

Who is in your community that supports you and holds you accountable in a nurturing way? Connect with them. Ask them if they will support you in creating what you choose. We all long for this type of connection, just reach out your hand.

Education.Spiritual Discipline.Community.Education.Spiritual Discipline.Community.
It wakes me up at night. Maybe I have my head in my work too much! No, the truth is that this is my life's work. I am very excited about what we are working towards at the Foundation. I am excited about the changes to our Education Programs because we are continuing to find ways to add educational value, encourage spiritual discipline and develop strong community that rejoices when each of us move closer to who we want to BE. It's got to be experienced to be believed!

If you are interested in finding out some of the ideas I have about building community and/or joining one of our new Education Programs you can email me at

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