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By Eckhart Tolle


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by ECKHART TOLLE (from the book)

Since it was first published in 1997, The Power of Now has already had an impact on the collective consciousness of the planet far beyond anything I could have imagined. It has been translated into fifteen languages, and I receive mail from around the globe every day from readers who tell me that their lives have been changed through coming into contact with the teaching embodied in the book.

Although the effects of the insanity of the egoic mind are still visible everywhere, something new is emerging. Never before have so many people been ready to break out of collective mind-patterns that have kept humanity in bondage to suffering since time immemorial. A new state of consciousness is emerging.
We have suffered enough! Even at this moment it is emerging from within you, as you hold this book in your hands and read these lines that speak of the possibility of living the liberated life, in which you no longer inflict suffering on yourself or others.
Many of the readers who wrote to me expressed a wish to have the practical aspects of the teachings contained in The Power of Now presented in a more readily accessible format, to be used in their daily practice. That request became the impetus for this book.

In addition to the exercises and practices, however, this book also contains some shorter passages from the original work that can serve as a reminder of some of the ideas and concepts and can become a primer for incorporating those concepts daily.

Many of those passages are particularly suitable for meditative reading. When you practice meditative reading, you do not read primarily to gather new information as you read. This is why you can re-read the same passage many times, and every time it feels fresh and new. Only words that were written or spoken in a state of presence have this transformative power, which is the power to awaken presence in the reader.

These passages arc best read slowly. Many times you may want to pause and allow for a moment of quiet reflection, or stillness. At other times you may just open the book at random and read a few lines.

For those readers who felt daunted or overwhelmed by The Pouter of Now, this book can also serve as an introduction.

Eckhart Tolle
July 9, 2001


As a fellow spiritual/self-help author, I stand by and salute the magnificence and impact that Eckhart Tolle has gifted humanity with in this profound book.
He does not yet know me personally, however, his words went right through my heart, and into my soul, creating one A-Ha! Moment after another.

If you have the opportunity to listen to any of his audiocassettes, the messages sink deep. This is one of my favorite books. I recommend it on my Website, as there can never be enough people to help uplift humanity to our highest heights.

This book is a must own, and definitely a must read. Absolutely Superb! From my heart. -- Barbara Rose, author, Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, your Truth, and Your Life.


This book is never too far from me. I carry it with me constantly. One of the suggestions he makes in the introduction is how it can be used for meditative reading. He makes it clear that meditative reading isn't done to gain new information but rather to enter a different state of consciousness. He goes on to state that this approach allows one to gain fresh insights upon reading the same material.
I think that's an important point for anyone considering the purchase of this book. No, it's not new material. But it does present his teachings in an accessible format that can inspire. I simply pick it up and turn to a page at random and begin reading. It can be a powerful experience when you do that in a state of present moment awareness.

Often when we find a spiritual teaching that resonates with us, we keep searching for more and more of it-- new books, tapes, resources as if what we've initially encountered needs upgrading. However, this teaching is full and complete. We may find some of the additional works help to clarify things but the real task is to move in the direction that The Power of Now points to and that is to be in the Now. Reading only points to it, we have to put the books down at some point and simply be. -- John M. Gilmore


I loved reading THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle, and I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better, because of listening to the spiritually sound advice that the author reveals throughout that book.
With PRACTICING THE POWER OF NOW, I can now quickly open the book each morning, at any page, and find information that is completely enlightening, helpful and relevant to the ordinary events of my day. I know I have, like each one of us, a deep spiritual inner source beyond the limits of my own ego that I get to glimpse, for brief seconds at a time...........and by reading any part of PRACTICING THE POWER OF NOW each morning, or anytime during the day, more or less as an 'oracle' or 'focus'...brings me another glimpse of that source. This volume is slim in size, so I can carry it with me anytime. Thank you again, Eckhart Tolle. -- an reviewer


I have read countless books that cover the same ideas as this one, but for some reason this book had the greatest impact on me-and at a point when I thought reading books like this could never have such an impact on me anymore. Not only are his ideas explained clearly and simply, but he does not make you feel like you have to do certain mediations or exercises to experience what he is talking about, as so many of these other books (probably unintentionally) do. Also, I love that he addresses the word God and all that it can mean, and urges you to not be turned off by the mention of it and why. He also never attaches himself to any religion, which really hits home with me. In fact, I don't think he even uses the word "spirituality." He just explains things in a way that opens your perception of the way you view the world, and most importantly, he provides you with a variety of concrete tools to use in each moment--any time, anywhere, not just on your meditation stool--to help you experience what he is explaining. Many of these other books explain, but tell you that you have to meditate to "get it," which always made me feel like meditation was something I had to "do" or "attain," which, of course, is beside the point. Rather in this book he points out that it is all a matter of focus and what you chose to focus on, in every minute, and that every minute is only ever now, no matter what you are doing. Perhaps it is just the timing of my reading this book that created such an impact on me, but I truly think it is largely because of the simplistic, clear way he writes about these "foreign" subjects that makes it so accessible and powerful. He also has wonderful analogies that at times make all the difference. -- an reviewer


This book makes an excellent companion to "The Power of Now." The exercises found among these pages causes one to do some deep soul searching to determine what is important in life and what is truly insignificant. Even if you have not read Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now", which I strongly recommend readers do, this thought-provoking workbook can be used as a stand-alone book.
Tolle has a way of giving meaning to life by using exercises, meditations and essential teachings (many based on Buddhist philosophies) to bring peace, balance and harmony into our lives. The goal is to be able to bring about and sustain an enlightened state of consciousness in our daily lives. Tolle has a way of making the reader do some deep soul searching and reveal many truths about themselves that they might not otherwise do. In essence, the book causes one to "lighten the load" and follow a path of peace and harmony. This is truly a spiritual journey to a more enriched and meaningful life. The book is highly recommended and highly deserving of a five-star plus rating. -- an reviewer

Table of Contents:

By Eckhart Tolle 9


Chapter One
Being and Enlightenment 15

Chapter Two
The Origin of Fear 27

Chapter Three
Entering the Now 33

Chapter Four
Dissolving Unconsciousness 47

Chapter Five
Beauty Arises in the Stillness of Your Presence 57


Chapter Six
Dissolving the Pain-Body 73

Chapter Seven
From Addictive to Enlightened Relationships 87


Chapter Eight
Acceptance of the Now 103

Chapter Nine
Transforming Illness and Suffering 129

Acknowledgements 141

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