A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth Cover
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Book Contents

CHAPTER ONE: The Flowering of Human Consciousness

The Purpose of This Book
Our Inherited Dysfunction
The Arising New Consciousness
Spirituality and Religion
The Urgency of Transformation
A New Heaven and a New Earth

CHAPTER TWO: Ego: The Current State of Humanity

The Illusory Self
The Voice in the Head
Content and Structure of the Ego
Identification with Things
The Lost Ring
The Illusion of Ownership
Wanting: The Need for More
Identification with the Body
Feeling the Inner Body
Forgetfulness of Being
From Descartes's Error to Sartre's Insight
The Peace That Passes All Understanding

CHAPTER THREE: The Core of Ego

Complaining and Resentment
Reactivity and Grievances
Being Right, Making Wrong
In Defense of an Illusion
Truth: Relative or Absolute?
The Ego Is Not Personal
War is a Mind-set
Do You Want Peace or Drama?
Beyond Ego: Your True Identity
All Structures Are Unstable
The Ego's Need to Feel Superior
Ego and Fame

CHAPTER FOUR: The Many Faces of the Ego

Villain, Victim, Lover
Letting Go of Self-Definitions
Pre-established Roles
Temporary Roles
The Monk with Sweaty Palms
Happiness as a Role Vs. True Happiness
Parenthood: Role or Function?
Conscious Suffering
Conscious Parenting
Recognizing Your Child
Giving Up Role-playing
The Pathological Ego
The Background Unhappiness
The Secret of Happiness
Pathological Forms of Ego
Work--With and Without Ego
The Ego in Illness
The Collective Ego
Incontrovertible Proof of Immortality


The Birth of Emotion
Emotions and the Ego
The Duck with a Human Mind
Carrying the Past
Individual and Collective
How the Pain-Body Renews Itself
How the Pain-Body Feeds on Your Thoughts
How the Pain-Body Feeds on Drama
Dense Pain-Bodies
Entertainment, the Media, and the Pain-Body
The Collective Female Pain-Body
National and Racial Pain-Bodies

CHAPTER SIX: Breaking Free

The Return of the Pain-Body
The Pain-Body in Children
Breaking Identification with the Pain-Body
The Pain-Body as an Awakener
Breaking Free of the Pain-Body

CHAPTER SEVEN: Finding Who You Truly Are

Who You Think You Are
Knowing Yourself and Knowing About Yourself
Chaos and Higher Order
Good and Bad
Not Minding What Happens
Is That So?
The Ego and the Present Moment
The Paradox of Time
Eliminating Time
The Dreamer and the Dream
Going Beyond Limitation
The Joy of Being
Allowing the Diminishment of the Ego
As Without, so Within

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Discovery of Inner Space

Object Consciousness and Space Consciousness
Falling Below and Rising Above Thought
Recognizing Inner Space
Can You Hear The Mountain Stream?
Right Action
Perceiving Without Naming
Who Is the Experiencer?
The Breath
Inner Body Awareness
Inner and Outer Space
Noticing the Gaps
Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

CHAPTER NINE: Your Inner Purpose

A Dialogue on Inner Purpose


A Brief History of Your Life
Awakening and the Return Movement
Awakening and the Outgoing Movement
Awakened Doing
The Three Modalities of Awakened Doing
The Frequency-holders
The New Earth is No Utopia

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