There's No Such Place As Far Away
by Richard Bach

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Introduction (from inside flap):

When she was about to turn five, a little girl named Rae Hansen invited Richard Bach to her birthday party. Though deserts, storms, mountains, and a thousand miles separated them, Rae was confident that her friend would appear. There's No Such Place As Far Away chronicles the exhilarating spiritual journey that delivered Rae's anxiously awaited guest to her side on that special day—and tells of the powerful and enduring gift that would keep him forever close to her heart.

Written with the same elegant simplicity that made Jonathan Livingston Seagull a bestselling phenomenon, There's No Such Place As Far Away has touched the hearts of thousands of readers since its first publication in 1979. Richard Bach's inspiring, now-classic tale is a profound reminder that miles cannot truly separate us from friends...that those we love are always with us—every moment of the infinite celebration we call life.


  • "Can miles truly separate us from friends? If you want to be with Rae, aren't you already there?"
  • "not being known doesn't stop truth from being true"
  • "only things that matter are those made of truth and joy, and not of tin and glass"


My oldest sister sent me this book for my first birthday away from home and family. I read the book and loved it, and put it away for a few years. I found the book again years later and reread it. I loved it even more. I have found that I get something different out of it with each subsequent reading. It is about life, and death, about hope and love. It is a spiritual affirmation about how we endure, and that love truly spans time and space. It is also a love story of a journey not across land and water, but of an opening of the mind to see the true essence of what it means to live and love.

As the author takes his journey of discovery, the thoughtful reader cannot help but be shaped by the beautiful words of the text. When I first received this book, I couldn't imagine what a uniquely special gift I had receive. How incredible, a book that grows with you as you journey through life!

It would be a wonderful gift for someone leaving home (as I was), someone suffering from the loss of a loved one, or for someone you may not be able to see as often as you wish.

It is a truly special book on spiritual growth and discovery, without including the usual character suffering that often precedes such a transformation in thought...

* * *

This book is very uplifting. It fills the reader with a feeling of hope and sometimes, melancholy. It's not just for kids, because people of all ages can experience loneliness and through our lives, we all have to cope with the loss of a loved one. This book makes us understand people live in our hearts. It doesn't matter if we lose somebody or if we're far away from our loved ones, because they will always with us, in every thought and in every remembrance.

* * *

This is one of those rare books that has a timeless message and a simple beauty which belie its brevity. You can read this book in ten minutes. And, you can re-read it a hundred times and feel differently about it each time. Consider it the abridged Jonathon Livingston Seagull, but don't think of it as leaving out anything of importance. I particularly like this book because, in a few minutes, it helps me remember some of the simple truths of life - that time and space cannot separate us from the one's we love. Besides that, it has some fantastic water-color illustrations which make it enjoyable to simply view. I wholeheartedly suggest this book.

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