One: A Novel

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In One, the adventures of Richard and Leslie Parish-Bach continue. Together they travel into parallel lifetimes, meeting the people they were in those lifetimes, learning from the experiences that in dying, your soul overcomes death. They learn that the world is not always as it seems at first glance and that we may be more than we actually appear to be. This book is about a different path into the realities of finding ourselves and who they are, who they were and who they will be; it's about learning all different aspects of themselves in order to survive in all of their lifetimes. This book is a very startling book, that opens the door into the very private lives of Richard and Leslie and all that they have gone through in their lives thus far. -- Bonnie Pike

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“With One, the ninth novel from the ever spiritual and imaginative author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Bach continues his quest for a deeper understanding of human nature...Although the elements of a great science fiction novel are present, the plot line is secondary to the novel's theme of humanity's ability to control destiny." -- The Boston Herald

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"One presents a number of provocative speculations: What would it be like to meet yourself when you were older or younger? How would your life turn out if you had made different choice, split up with your spouse, been born in a different time and place? ... With love and hope as their guides, and 'what matters most' as their guides, and what matters most' as their destination, the Backs touch down in different times and places, where they commune with some of their alternative selves." -- The New York Times Book Review

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