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April 24th 2005 - Conscious Talk Radio Network Interview
To listen to an interview with Richard Bach about the Messiah's Handbook from the first of April 2005 visit the Conscious Talk website.

November 28th, 2004 - Richard Bach's Next Appearance
Richard's next appearance will be on March 18-19, 2005 at the Mile-High church near Denver, Colorado. It will be a two-day event, an evening talk on Friday, and an all-day meeting on Saturday. The talks will be informal Q&A about any subject anyone wants to discuss. More info will be available soon, so please check back.

November 8th, 2004 - A Radio Interview With Richard Bach
Yesterday Richard Bach appeared on CFUV 101.9FM radio. You may download an mp3 of this hour-long interview. If anyone would like to volunteer to create a transcription of the interview, please contact me and I will host it on the website.

October 19th, 2004 - Yet Another New Photo of Richard Bach
This photo was taken on the 30th of September, during a book-signing. It is the most recent photo of Richard Bach available, as far as I am aware.

September 9th, 2004 - A New Photo of Richard Bach
Thanks to Diane Lynch of Hampton Roads Publishing Company I am finally able to provide you with a recent and good quality photo of Richard Bach! It has been added to the photos page.

Illusions to Become a Movie
"Digital Domain and Barnet Bain Films have acquired the film rights to Richard Bach's bestselling novel ILLUSIONS: THE ADVENTURES OF A RELUCTANT MESSIAH, according to DAILY VARIETY.

French filmmaker Yann Samuell is reportedly set to direct the adaptation, the inspirational account of an encounter with a modern-day messiah. The book has sold 15 million copies for author Bach, who also penned JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL.

Digital Domain and Barnet Bain also are developing an adaptation based on Dan Simmons' sci-fi novel ILIUM and its sequel OLYMPOS.

Digital Domain ceo Scott Ross will produce ILLUSIONS: THE ADVENTURES OF A RELUCTANT MESSIAH. He produced Digital Domainís first foray into film production, SECONDHAND LIONS, distributed New Line last year, earned $42 million at the domestically.

Digital Domain recently completed vfx for Fox's I, ROBOT.

Bain produced WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and telemovie HOMELESS TO HARVARD." - (

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